Hear their Experience

  • chan yu ping

    Chan Yuping - Assistant Brand Manager 
    National University of Singapore – Business Administration (Marketing)

    Being an experienced hire, joining SK-II as part of the brand team really upped the ante in terms of what I perceived Marketing to be. Sometimes, you feel like you are being pushed to your limit and thrown in the deep end, but not without a strong mentorship system that offers support and great advice when you need it. With its dynamism and creative environment, I believe that there’s no better place to learn the true essence of what it means to be a Marketeer than at P&G. Being at P&G has been a challenging yet fulfilling experience so far. One of the best things is that you constantly meet people of all walks of life, from all over the world – which offers a very interesting, unique and multi-faceted experience. Overall, I feel appreciated for my work and this motivates me to achieve even more as an individual and as part of a team. Also, one of my WOW moments was also meeting with our brand ambassador TangWei during a photo shoot – I was absolutely awestruck by her natural beauty and positive attitude.

  • alitanjim

    Ali Tanjim - Associate Manager, Product Supply 
    National University of Singapore – Environmental Engineering

    Working in P&G has been a tremendous privilege, as I got to contribute directly and meaningfully to the business. I got to learn from some of the brightest minds in the supply chain industry, and network casually with the leadership. I was also very fortunate to have overseas travel opportunities within a few months of joining!

  • teo hui shan

    Teo Hui Shan - Finance Analyst 
    National University of Singapore – Business Administration (Finance & Marketing)

    P&G has attracted me in many unexpected ways. Since day 1, I am entrusted with huge responsibilities that will influence the business, something that I did not expect as a fresh graduate. And with the responsibilities, this also comes with greater exposure & opportunities for me to develop & grow myself. Lastly, the fast-paced nature of the industry makes working everyday in P&G exciting and challenging.

  • dominic ang

    Dominic Ang - Analytics & Intelligence, Analyst, Information Technology 
    Nanyang Technological University, Mathematical Sciences (Business Analytics)

    The experience in P&G has been amazing. The people around here inspires and motivates me, and the work challenges me. Being a part of this company helped me to grow as a person more than I could ever imagined. I constantly marvel at the people I came across, and there has not been a single day I did not look forward coming to the office.

  • Aleena Mansoor - Assistant Brand Manager 
    Singapore Management University - Business Management (Marketing)

    P&G has a warm culture, and people here made me feel right at home upon joining. There is a camaraderie here which I have not witnessed much of elsewhere. On top of that, I find my work scope comprehensive, challenging and extremely instructive. I really appreciate the exposure I’ve gotten in the relatively short time that I’ve been here and look forward to growing with P&G. Also, one of my many WOW moments was the amount of recognition I got for voicing my ideas. The seniors at P&G want to give you a voice and hear your views regardless of your experience. This is empowering as you realize that if you let yourself, you really can add value with fresh new ideas and see them go from verbalization to execution in a small amount of time.